Trick or Treat!

I know it is a sweet day for kids. A lot of candies! Yeah! In addition, it is a sweet day for me too, not because of the candies I could share, but because of the expression “Trick or Treat!”.

Last winter break, Abe started to play in rated scholastic chess tournament. He and I watched the movie “Search for Bobby Fisher” together. I think in one of last scenes, Josh lost a queen in a chess game but he kept fighting on, you could see that his opponent was so delighted to have the big advantage and it seemed Josh would lose the match. But several steps later, Josh captured his opponent’s queen back. “Trick or Treat!” exclaimed Josh. He went on winning the game.

I do no know it was because of Josh’s tactic or fighting spirit, but to me “Trick or Treat!” is definitely associated with the sweet reward of fighting spirit. In chess games, no matter how far behind you are of your opponent, keep fighting on until you get the sweet treat.

Happy Halloween to every one! I am sure you have some sweet memory that you want to share with us.


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