Abe’s first novel when he was seven years old

The following is Abe’s first novel when he was seven. Abe wrote it during the Christmas, just for fun.

The Mystery of the Missing People
By Abe
December 29, 2007 Saturday

Once there were four kids named Kevin, Sophie, Henry and Eddie. They went camping with their dad. They brought food, drinks, and their tent and sleeping bags. Once they got there it was dark so their father made a fire. It was ten O’clock so they went to sleep.

In the morning their dad was gone! So Henry made breakfast because he was twenty-two and the oldest. Henry made eggs and toast. They went out to find their dad but couldn’t. By now it was dinnertime. Henry made chicken and they drank coke. Then they went to sleep at ten O’clock again.

That night something or someone took Henry!

When morning came the other kids noticed that Henry and their father were gone! So Kevin made breakfast. He was the second oldest. So Kevin made toast. Then they went to search in the woods. When they were going to come back they got lost. They tried to find their way back but they found three really angry bears. So the kids tried to run away but the bears chased them. The kids finally lost the bears and it was lunch time. They ate Hamburgers and drank code. When they were eating they were thinking a plan to free Henry and their father. Their plan was to distract the bad thing and someone will sneak around the bad thing and free Henry and their father.

The three kids went to search in the woods again but on a different path and met a ghost! Eddie and Sophie got away but Kevin didn’t. There were only Eddie and Sophie. Now Eddie and Sophie knew who the bad guy was. It was almost lunch time. Sophie was the third oldest. She was twelve and loved to cook. Sophie made chicken and they drank sprite. After lunch they went to get fire wood. When they got enough it was dinner time. So they made a fire and Sophie made chicken and they drank sprite again.

The kids went to search for the ghost and they found the ghost in a dark cave! Eddie said to the ghost, “Let Henry, Kevin and my father go!!!” The ghost did not let Henry, Kevin and their father go. Sophie was trying to sneak past the ghost and she did. She saw Henry and Kevin. But where was their father? They took off the ghost’s mask it was their father playing a trick. They hugged and went back home.

It was really a dream.


Acknowledgement: The author thanks his mom for helping him typing the story.


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