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The chess scorebook

Disclaimer: The story was based on what happened yesterday.

How could that happen to me? It’s all my fault. My wife was complaining that I always have a problem not be able to get organized.

“Do you know you look cumbersome when you drag everything by your hands instead of putting most in you bag?” She said. I knew I am less organized than her. But…

“Do I have a problem?” I was joking, looked innocently.

“Of course, you do.”

Abe might be happy, I guessed, since he did not have to input today’s games into the computer software (Fritz) to analyze them.

I had hoped he would input his games, especially the game he lost, let the computer software find his blunders; maybe he could show the game to his chess club next Tuesday evening, the teacher will find his weakness.  But since I lost his scorebook, he did not need to do anything.

Today, Abe and I went to Mayor Daley’s Holiday Chess Tournament.

The playing hall was on second floor according to this picture.

location of chess playing hall

location of chess playing hall

The were some activities in the exhibit halls, however, since it was before 10 am, not many people came yet.

Mayor Daily's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 1

Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 1

Mayor Daily's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 2

Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 2

A lot of kids were playing in the chess tournament.

chess playing hall

chess playing hall

And a lot of encouragements from parents.

encouragement from the dad before a round

encouragement from the dad before a round

On the high way to the tournament, sitting in the backseat of the car, Abe suddenly remembered something,

“Dad, I forgot to bring my scorebook to notate the games.”

“I have one in my bag,” I replied leisurely while driving, keeping my eyes on road. I was acting like it is not a big deal at all to show the dad is always smart and can think what the kid could miss.

In the evening, we returned home. It was not a bad tournament. Abe won three games and lost one in the open section. According to what he said, he won the games he should win, lost the game he should loss.

About an hour after dinner, I figured it is a good time to let Abe to input his games in the computer. I tried to get the scorebook from Abe’s game bag, but it’s not there.

“Where is the scorebook?” I asked Abe.

“It is in your bag,”Abe  replied. “Remember you brought it to the tournament in your bag.”

I checked my bag, it’s not there either. Where was it?

Suddenly I remembered, when I took pictures in the award ceremony at the end of tournament, in order to free my hands to use camera, I left the scorebook on the desk. Trying to get a clear view, I moved to a couple of rows forward with only the camera, after I took pictures, I left the hall with Abe, forgetting to pickup the scorebook.

So I lost the scorebook. A strange, not so  “smart”,  feeling arose in me.


Lists of this week’s tournament game highlights of “Nuggets”

As I mentioned in this post,  Abe and his teammates ( of team”Nuggets”)  played the Holiday Basketball Tournament from Monday to Wednesday. They played four games within three days and won all of them. The following are the highlights of all the games:

  • Game 1, 12/21/09, “Nuggets” vs “Hornets”, posted in this post.
  • Game 2, 12/22/09, “Nuggets” vs “Suns”:
  • Game 3, 12/23/09, “Nuggets” vs “Bulls”:
  • Game 4, 12/23/09, “Nuggets” vs “Lakers”, posted in this post.

Congratulations again to all the players, coaches and parents who cheer for the kids along the way. What a tournament! We parents received a wonderful present of this Christmas from our team and the present is called “team effort”.

Go “Nuggets”.


“Nuggets” won the championship

Here is the final game of the tournament,  “Nuggets”  (in gray) vs “Lakers” (in purple):

Congratulations to all players, coaches and parents who cheer for the kids. As coach David said “Wow”. What a team effort!

Go “Nuggets”.


Abe’s Basketball game

The Holiday Basketball tournament is finally here! Abe has been waiting for it since their team started practicing on Saturdays about two months ago, he did not want to miss a single practice. He likes both basketball and chess, due to the time conflicts,  he could not play as many chess tournaments as I hoped…

If you have kids, I bet you have to make many such similar decisions, or let the kids decide. I think if both choices are local tournaments (for example, basketball vs chess), team sports should have the priority, do you agree?

The are four games in three days (today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow) if their team can win the first three, so it is of a knockoff format. I worried that if the kids had enough stamina playing all four games in three consecutive days. Fortunately, each game was pretty short, 6 minutes per quarter, as I found out in today’s game.

It is funny I did not know the name of his team before the game. I knew today’s game was between “Nuggets” and “Hornets”. Last year, his team was “Hornets”; the players and the coaches are almost the same, so I guessed they were still “Hornets”.  Abe said they could be “Nuggets” this year, however, he brought his old uniform anyway to the game just in case.

At the first half of the game, players of his team were asked putting on the yellow shirts that are normally used for practices. During the halftime break, they changed to gray “Nuggets” shirts.  So they are officially “Nuggets”. Please check the highlights of the game, do not be surprised that one team changed uniforms during the game.

I am glad for his team advancing to tomorrow’s  game. Abe only scored two points at the end of the game and my camera missed that shot, but as long as his team won, it did not matter. Basketball is a team sport, I think Abe knows it very well by following many NBA games.

Go, “Nuggets”!

Stay Tuned.


At Abe’s Concert

Last week, Abe had a concert at his school. His little brother, mom and I went there and watched the show. It was very impressive. The parents and siblings gave a lot of applause. Every one was having a good time.

I made a video on him and his little brother. The video lasts about three minutes. Enjoy.


What Chess can do−2009 Illinois Class Championship

On Saturday, Abe and I went to 2009 Illinois Class Championship. More than 60 players showed up. Nice turnout for a Fundraising Tournament.

chess tournament playing room

The playing facility was great, here was the hallway, the Christmas light made the tournament like a holiday event.

playing facility -hallway

playing facility -hallway

In the afternoon, here came some little kids,  they ran and screamed in the hallway. Some people reminded them to lower their voices, but it only worked for a little while and then the screaming came back.

kids running-hallway

kids running-hallway

Some players came out and played a game in the hallway, the kids stopped screaming and came watching the game. See, what the chess can do! Even for little kids.

chess playing at hallway

chess playing at hallway

Inside of playing room, many games were going.

1,2,3 Let’s think:

let's think

Stay tuned.


Sesame Street: Amy Tan Reads Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat

Sesame Street is not only for small kids and their parents. When kids grow up, the parents may still want to watch the show sometimes and feel nostalgia . In addition,  if you also like a good story, Amy Tan,  Sagwa and PBS,  surely you will enjoy the following:


A beautiful article on adventures of a chess player

If you have not read IM Irina Krush ‘s article “Krush in China – adventures of a chess player” on ChessBase.com, and if you like chess, art, adventure and beauty of nature,  you should check that one out.

The article is a photo document of Irina’s adventures in China, it is full of beautiful pictures showing the people, food, countryside, art, nature from an exotic culture. In addition, the texts are seamlessly intertwined with the pictures, like an art in itself.  After finished reading it, I felt I went through a splendid, memorable adventure myself.

Many times, I thought the chess life is quite flat or boring — you can only find beauty in the royal game itself, isolating yourself with the outside world most of time. I did not realize that chess player could be this fun with colorful adventures.

Next time, tell you chess kids another benefit of playing chess: Enjoying the Nature and adventures. Thanks, Irina.


Garrison Keillor: Being a dad

I started to be a fan of  Garrison Keillor about eight years ago. Every weekend, I  would eager to hear his A Prairie Home Companion on the radio. I borrowed all his stuff from the local library: cassettes, CDs, DVDs and books.

Enjoy the following monologue I found from YouTube. Being a Dad is full of funny experience and  rewards. Do you agree?

Once you hear or watch several his performances,  you may think (at least I think so) that Garrison Keillor is truly a national treasure.