A beautiful article on adventures of a chess player

If you have not read IM Irina Krush ‘s article “Krush in China – adventures of a chess player” on ChessBase.com, and if you like chess, art, adventure and beauty of nature,  you should check that one out.

The article is a photo document of Irina’s adventures in China, it is full of beautiful pictures showing the people, food, countryside, art, nature from an exotic culture. In addition, the texts are seamlessly intertwined with the pictures, like an art in itself.  After finished reading it, I felt I went through a splendid, memorable adventure myself.

Many times, I thought the chess life is quite flat or boring — you can only find beauty in the royal game itself, isolating yourself with the outside world most of time. I did not realize that chess player could be this fun with colorful adventures.

Next time, tell you chess kids another benefit of playing chess: Enjoying the Nature and adventures. Thanks, Irina.


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