Abe’s Basketball game

The Holiday Basketball tournament is finally here! Abe has been waiting for it since their team started practicing on Saturdays about two months ago, he did not want to miss a single practice. He likes both basketball and chess, due to the time conflicts,  he could not play as many chess tournaments as I hoped…

If you have kids, I bet you have to make many such similar decisions, or let the kids decide. I think if both choices are local tournaments (for example, basketball vs chess), team sports should have the priority, do you agree?

The are four games in three days (today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow) if their team can win the first three, so it is of a knockoff format. I worried that if the kids had enough stamina playing all four games in three consecutive days. Fortunately, each game was pretty short, 6 minutes per quarter, as I found out in today’s game.

It is funny I did not know the name of his team before the game. I knew today’s game was between “Nuggets” and “Hornets”. Last year, his team was “Hornets”; the players and the coaches are almost the same, so I guessed they were still “Hornets”.  Abe said they could be “Nuggets” this year, however, he brought his old uniform anyway to the game just in case.

At the first half of the game, players of his team were asked putting on the yellow shirts that are normally used for practices. During the halftime break, they changed to gray “Nuggets” shirts.  So they are officially “Nuggets”. Please check the highlights of the game, do not be surprised that one team changed uniforms during the game.

I am glad for his team advancing to tomorrow’s  game. Abe only scored two points at the end of the game and my camera missed that shot, but as long as his team won, it did not matter. Basketball is a team sport, I think Abe knows it very well by following many NBA games.

Go, “Nuggets”!

Stay Tuned.


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