Lists of this week’s tournament game highlights of “Nuggets”

As I mentioned in this post,  Abe and his teammates ( of team”Nuggets”)  played the Holiday Basketball Tournament from Monday to Wednesday. They played four games within three days and won all of them. The following are the highlights of all the games:

  • Game 1, 12/21/09, “Nuggets” vs “Hornets”, posted in this post.
  • Game 2, 12/22/09, “Nuggets” vs “Suns”:
  • Game 3, 12/23/09, “Nuggets” vs “Bulls”:
  • Game 4, 12/23/09, “Nuggets” vs “Lakers”, posted in this post.

Congratulations again to all the players, coaches and parents who cheer for the kids along the way. What a tournament! We parents received a wonderful present of this Christmas from our team and the present is called “team effort”.

Go “Nuggets”.


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