The chess scorebook

Disclaimer: The story was based on what happened yesterday.

How could that happen to me? It’s all my fault. My wife was complaining that I always have a problem not be able to get organized.

“Do you know you look cumbersome when you drag everything by your hands instead of putting most in you bag?” She said. I knew I am less organized than her. But…

“Do I have a problem?” I was joking, looked innocently.

“Of course, you do.”

Abe might be happy, I guessed, since he did not have to input today’s games into the computer software (Fritz) to analyze them.

I had hoped he would input his games, especially the game he lost, let the computer software find his blunders; maybe he could show the game to his chess club next Tuesday evening, the teacher will find his weakness.  But since I lost his scorebook, he did not need to do anything.

Today, Abe and I went to Mayor Daley’s Holiday Chess Tournament.

The playing hall was on second floor according to this picture.

location of chess playing hall

location of chess playing hall

The were some activities in the exhibit halls, however, since it was before 10 am, not many people came yet.

Mayor Daily's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 1

Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 1

Mayor Daily's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 2

Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival-exhibit hall 2

A lot of kids were playing in the chess tournament.

chess playing hall

chess playing hall

And a lot of encouragements from parents.

encouragement from the dad before a round

encouragement from the dad before a round

On the high way to the tournament, sitting in the backseat of the car, Abe suddenly remembered something,

“Dad, I forgot to bring my scorebook to notate the games.”

“I have one in my bag,” I replied leisurely while driving, keeping my eyes on road. I was acting like it is not a big deal at all to show the dad is always smart and can think what the kid could miss.

In the evening, we returned home. It was not a bad tournament. Abe won three games and lost one in the open section. According to what he said, he won the games he should win, lost the game he should loss.

About an hour after dinner, I figured it is a good time to let Abe to input his games in the computer. I tried to get the scorebook from Abe’s game bag, but it’s not there.

“Where is the scorebook?” I asked Abe.

“It is in your bag,”Abe  replied. “Remember you brought it to the tournament in your bag.”

I checked my bag, it’s not there either. Where was it?

Suddenly I remembered, when I took pictures in the award ceremony at the end of tournament, in order to free my hands to use camera, I left the scorebook on the desk. Trying to get a clear view, I moved to a couple of rows forward with only the camera, after I took pictures, I left the hall with Abe, forgetting to pickup the scorebook.

So I lost the scorebook. A strange, not so  “smart”,  feeling arose in me.


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