What Chess can do−2009 Illinois Class Championship

On Saturday, Abe and I went to 2009 Illinois Class Championship. More than 60 players showed up. Nice turnout for a Fundraising Tournament.

chess tournament playing room

The playing facility was great, here was the hallway, the Christmas light made the tournament like a holiday event.

playing facility -hallway

playing facility -hallway

In the afternoon, here came some little kids,  they ran and screamed in the hallway. Some people reminded them to lower their voices, but it only worked for a little while and then the screaming came back.

kids running-hallway

kids running-hallway

Some players came out and played a game in the hallway, the kids stopped screaming and came watching the game. See, what the chess can do! Even for little kids.

chess playing at hallway

chess playing at hallway

Inside of playing room, many games were going.

1,2,3 Let’s think:

let's think

Stay tuned.


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