A Second Time and a Third Time: Part 2

Abe scored three points out of five, he might tie for second for the the U1600 cash prize, but he did not know the amount with some games still going on. So he was glad to play with other kids while waiting. The following video shows the kids playing blitz games.

It was the third time that Abe has won cash prizes in chess tournament: last time was last October, he won 20 dollars; the first time was last September, he won about 110 dollars.

The whole family was with him when he won his first cash prize, we stayed in a nearby hotel for a night. The hotel room was quite spacious, with a big flat screen TV and a big couch. We also played in the hotel pool for a while. The kids were excited playing in the water.  Although at age of two and half, David, Abe’s little brother, wasn’t scared of water. He even enjoyed submerging his head in water for a few seconds. Abe was fond of the hotel too. Later  he told his friends about the hotel, “The hotel has a huge flat screen TV and a huge couch. I love the hotel.”

At the end of that tournament, we waited hours to get Abe’s check since we had to wait until all games were finished. I envied that Abe had so much patience then. On the way home, we congratulated Abe again for his performance.

“Good job,” Mom said to Abe.

Abe smiled, he must be proud of himself at the moment.

“How do you want to spend your money?”

“Let me think…” Abe was excited, he must have many ideas coming to his head…but maybe too many. “I don’t know right now.”

“Do you want to buy your brother a little gift? It will be very nice.” Mom asked.

“Hum… OK…  if it is no more than ten dollars.”

Days later, we went to a local Walmart to buy some toys for Abe and David. We three went together, Abe found himself a Lego toy priced about 60 dollars, with the sale tax at 10%, I would think the toy is expensive, but since Abe use his own money, he would make his decision. I found David “ Thomas and Friends Bathtub Squirters” with three trains in the package marked about 10 dollars.  David loved the “Thomas and Friends and it was within budget. We bought the toys, Abe and David were eager to go home playing with them.

David liked to play his Thomas toys in the bathtub and he also liked to grabbed the trains in hands or put them on bed beside him when going to sleep. He would not go to sleep until he collected all three. Many times, we have to make additional trips to go down stairs to get the missing trains for him.

This past Christmas, David received a better toy of Thomas and Friends“, the engine can run itself on tracks. Now he likes to play with the engine and tracks; bring them wherever he go.

Abe spent hours after getting home from the store to assemble his Lego, then he put his assembled toy in some box. Until this day, I have not seen him dissemble and assemble it again. I have seen him taking off his toy out of the box a couple of times, probably just showing he hasn’t forgot his toy, and he planed to re-assemble it. But he never did, it is too much a project. Every one is too busy nowadays, you can accomplish nothing if you do not have the urge and passion to do something. Even at times, you may have time, but you are too busy to do nothing.

So Abe’s expansive toy brought him hours of joy, while the little toy Abe bought for David was enjoyed by David for months.

Now back to this past tournament, it turned out the three games that could have three more players tie with Abe all resulted in draws; the only other player has three points was given the U1400 first place price instead of the smaller amount of U1600 tied second place price. Therefore, Abe is the sole second place winner of U1600. Here is the video when Abe received his check, the check amount is $91.20. Hope this time, Abe can spend his money wisely.


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