An interesting article about Mansion by Michael Lewis

Today, I asked Abe to read ten pages of a chess book, since the book is an advanced book, I supposed him to finish the reading no less than half an hour.

He started to read the chess book, at the same time, I started to read an article  from another book, minutes later, he said to me,
“I am done.”
“You must have not read it carefully, it is supposed to be a difficult book,” I replied, “I have not finished reading this interesting story yet.”
“Which story? Let me see how soon I can finish it.” Abe must think he is a super-reader, he will surely finish reading an article or whatever much faster than his dad.

“Sure, you can. But after you finish reading the article, I will test you some questions to see if you really read the article.” I guess it is not a bad idea to teach him some lessons.

“I may not remember every detail.”


I showed the story to Abe, it’s named The Mansion: A Subprime Parable written by Michael Lewis.

After Abe finished reading the article, I asked him the following questions:

  • What is the story about?
  • Do the kids like the house when they first see it? Why?
  • What are the names of the three kids?
  • Do the author think he has privacy living in the house, why?
  • Why do they move out of the house?
  • How much is the utility bill for the first month?
  • How much is the water bill for the first month? Is it for drinking water?
  • What is Quinn’s response when visiting William Randolph Hearst’s house?

See if you can answer them all and let me know if I missed some of important questions.

Abe answered most of my questions correctly or almost correct. So I thought the lesson he could learn was not about his reading, the lesson was about managing money:  Spend only if you can afford.

By the way, Abe said he used ten minutes reading it (The Mansion: A Subprime Parable). How about you?


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