Cheer up, tomorrow is Saturday

Everyone likes Saturday. You may choose traveling out of town, going shopping, watching a movie, fixing something on your house, or like me, bringing kids to a chess tournament. Wow, so many choices, you choose whatever you like.

Maybe not entirely true. As I mentioned in another post, Abe’s basketball games are on Saturdays. Most chess tournaments are held on Saturdays too. He likes playing both basketball and chess. If he goes to the basketball game, he can’t go to the chess tournament of the same day, and vice versa. The basketball season ends in late March, until then, he has to play basketball less often than he likes and to spare some time to play chess tournaments. If Abe can choose whatever he likes, he may choose both, but it is not possible.

If the weather allows, you may choose more outdoor activities: going to a zoo with kids,  picnic gathering in a park,  fishing on a lake… I loved fishing several years ago when I had more free time. Many people have  stories about fishing or hunting. I do not want to tell my stories of the good old days, instead, I would like share an old picture showing the harvest after a fishing trip:

the good old days - after a fishing trip

the good old days - after a fishing trip

…My bad, I caught those fish on a Sunday, not on a Saturday.

Any way, cheer up for the weekend, no matter you will be free or busy.


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