D is for David

Every time Abe and I go to pick up David from his daycare center, David is always very happy, and busy with something, either running in the gym, solving a puzzle or reading a book with one of his teachers. Once seeing me, he will run toward me and calling along the way “D-a-d-d-y!”

Sometimes, I go there by myself to pick him up. Not seeing Abe, David asks,
“Where is Abe?”
“He is at home.”
“Is Mommy at home?”
“Let’s go home and check.” I always answer like this, even Mommy is at home; David will be glad to go home with me and, in a surprise, find Mommy is waiting for him at home.

David likes to ask the name labels when I try to put on his coat, he will point to them one by one,
“What is this?”
“What is this?”

“It is Luke.” Luke is his best friend, he knows the name label.

“It is David,” He points to his own name label. “D is for David!”

Sometimes, Abe explains the name labels to David.

At home or library, David likes me to read books for him. Upon finding letter “A” in the book,
“It is A,” he exclaims. “A is for Abe!”

As David knows more letters, counts beyond 10, grows bigger, he likes more playing time with his mommy, his bigger brother and his daddy.

The following video was taken about one month ago at his daycare center. Enjoy the toddlers’ show before the parents and siblings:


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