Drew Brees, his mother and his Alma Mater

Saints will go to The Super Bowl  for the first time in its club history. The quarterback Drew Brees is certainly a favorite among the Saints fans. They are hoping Drew could lead the team to win another championship two weeks from now.

Unfortunately, I noticed a sad news recently about the suicide of his mother, who died of drug overdose. During the years of their strained relation, the son asked his mother to stop using his picture in TV commercials touting her candidacy for a Texas appeals court seat in 2006 and also refused to hire her as his agent.

One may ask if Drew is too tightfisted, the answer is No. According to his website, the Brees Dream Foundation, founded by Drew and his wife (both are Purdue graduates),  has committed more than $4,500,000 to charitable causes and academic institutions in the New Orleans, San Diego and West Lafayette/Purdue communities. That is quite an achievement for a graduate who left the school for less than 9 years.

Drew is a nice guy, generous and intelligent,  as one praise reported here, during his college years, made by a coach of one of his rival teams: “He’s not only gifted athletically, he’s gifted intellectually. He knows where the pressure is coming from. He knows where the coverage is going to be rolled. He makes such great decisions. There’s nothing he can’t do.”

So I suggest, whether you are a Saints fan or not, cheer for Drew Brees when watching  the Super Bowl. Let’s dedicate the cheer to his lost mother… Poor kid.


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