Abe, his little brother, and the park

Abe has been to many chess tournaments, so has his little brother: David. On nice days, I bring the two brothers together, Abe plays chess in the playing hall, David and I stay in the skittles room or outside.

The little brother is waiting in the chess skittles room

The little brother is waiting in the chess skittles room

The little brother is waiting outside of the chess playing hall

The little brother is waiting outside of the chess playing hall

Playing, eating, pooping and sleeping are David’s routine; I know how the day will be passed and what I shall do. In addition, if I bring the two together, their mom can get a little nice break; On Saturdays when Abe has a tournament, I will check the weather and his mom to see if it is a good idea to bring the two together to the tournament.

During the rounds, if there is a park nearby, David and I will go to the park, he loves the playground. We always try to return before Abe finish his game.

I remember once Abe just finished the game, we three met at hallway. On the first glance of Abe from far, David gladly announced,

“There’s Abe!”

“You are right.” I replied as Abe run to us.

“Have you guys been waiting outside all the time?”Abe asked.

“No, we went to the park, just came back,” I replied. “How’s your game?”

“I won.”

“Good Job.”

The two brothers went on playing for a while, such as running in the hallway. David was proud of his big brother, he followed Abe from one room to another until he lost Abe, I knew Abe was playing some chess games with his friends somewhere.

During Abe’s next game, David said,

“Diaper on.” (Now he does not need Diaper, in stead , he uses toilet for pooping.)

I knew David need pooping. We went to bathroom to let him do his thing. After he finises, I have his dirty diaper changed. Then I put David in the stroller, walked around and around.  Finally David fell into sleep.

When I saw Abe coming out of the playing hall, I signaled him that David is sleeping in the stroller.

Abe asked in a lower voice,

“Have you guys been to the park?”

“No, we’ve been waiting outside all the time,” I replied. “How’s your game?”

“I lost.”

Before I could reply, Abe said,

“You guys should go to the park, it brings me good luck.”

It is probably not true David’s going to park brings Abe good luck in his chess tournaments. Maybe Abe can play without pressure with our absent, therefore, play better? Maybe Abe is old enough to be independent and does not like to be watched over?

Anyway, from then on, David and I go to the park more often. As long as both Abe and David have a good time at Abe’s tournaments, why not?


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