Oops, life is made of what you think

We used to live on second floor of an apartment building when Abe was five or six years old. The mail boxes were located on the side wall of the small entrance lobby. Each mail box was marked by the owners of the unit, in our case, it was Mommy’s last name and Daddy’s last name.

One day,  Mommy told me what happened on the way she and Abe were entering our apartment: When she was collecting the mail from the mailbox, watching at the mail box, Abe suddently had a question for Mommy,

“Mommy, why it is marked with your last name and my last name? where is Daddy’s?” Maybe he felt lucky for himself or he somewhat felt sorry for his Daddy.

The answer was easy for her, and even easy for him if he think twice . “Oops, life is made of what you think,” I was surprised that he asked that question. But on another thought,  in whatever conditions, how unlucky or lucky you feel, the facts may be totally different from what you feel. Always think positive. OK?


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