Parenting and the digital age

Thanks to the digital technology such as internet, David can watch many kids songs on YouTube for free; Every day, after school, Abe can’t wait to do three things on internet: checking latest chess news, following latest NBA news, and playing video games.

Since the two brothers are not teenagers yet, I haven’t worried much about something associated with internet and teenagers like “multitasking”.

On the other hand, David has already learned how to use the mouse even he is less than three years old; Abe has spent too much time online: playing or sometimes doing his school projects. His school provides every student (in Grade 4 and Grade 5) a laptop. I believe that he may (or have to) spend more and more time online along his growth. Therefore, I think it is probably a good idea to know how to teach kids to deal with this digital age, before it is too late.

If you are one of parents who worry about your kids and this digital age, want to know what affects of digital age on the growth of kids, and try to find ways to deal with the problems, watch this video: Digital Nation from PBS. Usually, PBS videos are very interesting, filled with expert interviews, deep analysis and provocative thoughts. This one (about 90 min long) is no exception:


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