Abe at the World Amateur Chess Championship (update 1)

One of my friends—who is also a chess parent— told me during a chess tournament, according to his observation, if Abe comes out of chess playing hall quickly, he wins his game; if he comes out late, he maybe in trouble. It is a compliment to Abe. Abe has the tendency to be aggressive and win quickly.

But not this time, in the ongoing World Amateur Chess Championship, in more than one game, Abe came out the chess playing hall quickly but lost. Then he always added “I was winning, but somehow blundered.” Yes, his opponents were very strong in this tournament, the time control (90-minute+30-second increment for each move) is long to him, maybe he was bored between rounds, maybe he was tired, and maybe I should bring something fun with me. But not too fun, otherwise, Abe could be eager to get out the chess playing hall even quicker. Anyway he played carelessly in his games. He should slow down and think more, it is the same old problem, I am always trying to convince Abe not to play fast.

The World Amateur Chess Championship started last Friday and had nine rounds, with the last round on this coming Thursday. Travelling from many different countries, the players of both young and old are all with an FIDE rating below 2000, many slightly below.

World Amateur Chess Championship

World Amateur Chess Championship

In the first five rounds, Abe’s opponents were rated around 1800 (FIDE), 1700 (FIDE), 1900 (USCF), 1600 (FIDE), and an unrated. He got two points out of the five. Last night, on round six, his opponent did not show up within 30 minutes after the game started, so by the tournament rule, he forfeited his game, Abe got another point automatically.

Two days ago, after round five, maybe out of embarrassment of his own blunder, Abe said to me “I will slow down in the next round.” Round seven will be this evening. I am hoping he still remember what he said two days ago, as long as he can learn from his failure and takes time to think, it does not matter how many points he will get in the next three rounds.

Stay tuned.


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