If you feel frustrated with your kids

From time to time, you may feel frustrated with your kids. For example, they keep playing video games on the computer although you yelled several times ” It is dinner time. Go wash your hands.” The kids don’t listen to you, or listen but wouldn’t do what you asked.

Be calm,  it is normal,  and it happens to parents and teachers. Let’s read this story about a frustrated teacher and a stubborn student:

We had minor confrontations. Once I wanted everyone to sit down and listen to what I had to say—something about the way they had been acting in the halls. I was letting them come and go freely and it was up to them (I planned to point out) not to raise hell so that I had to hear about it from other teachers. Sitting down was the issue—I was determined every one was going to do it first, then I’d talk. Piston remained standing. I re-ordered. He paid no attention. I pointed out that I was talking to him. He indicated he heard me. I inquired then why in the hell didn’t he sit down. He said he didn’t want to. I said I did want him to. He said that didn’t matter to him. I said do it anyway. He said why? I said because I said so. He said he wouldn’t. I said Look I want you to sit down and listen to what I’m going to say. He said he was listening. I’ll listen but I won’t sit down.

This is the third paragraph of chapter one of How to Survive in Your Native Land (I am reading the original 1971 edition) by James Herndon. Is it hilarious, is it? What would you do if you are the teacher in this case? What scenario you may encounter at home if you are the parent of Piston? Maybe you should be thankful that you have a kid that is less stubborn than Piston.

Always think a different way to communicate with kids about your idea, do not order your kids, be friends with your kids…?

Easy said than done.

How do you think?


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