Ten days left to register the World Amateur Chess Championship

Maybe you’ve already known that the World Amateur Chess Championship 2010 will take place in Skokie, IL USA between March 19th and March 25th 2010, but you haven’t decided to register it or not.  If you or your kids are chess players, living in the states, and  have FIDE ratings of less than 2000 or unrated,  read ahead and take this great opportunity to play some quality chess.

You may have the following reasons to play this tournament:

  • For the first time in the tournaments history, the World Amateur Chess Championship is brought to North America continent and held on the northern shores of Chicago. I think playing in this tournament shows your support of the organizers and your support of FIDE chess event in the USA.
  • Since the event is held in the states, you could save thousands of dollars on travel, if you play such event abroad.
  • The registration fee is affordable—$120 on its website at this writing.
  • If your kids want to play with strong opponents and have a good learning experience but you concern your kids will miss too much school, may I remind you that this tournament includes 9 rounds, 5 of them are in Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday?  So even you fly in on Friday afternoon and stay only the weekend, you can still play the most rounds. In addition, all other rounds are held in evenings, your kids can still do some reading and math during daytimes.
  • There are some other prizes such as scholarships and big price fund, you can check them out on its website.

So you need commit only affordable amount of money & time, while being able to play quality chess with opponents all over the world and possibly getting big rewards. Register now, Why not?

Have a good weekend.


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