One win and one loss

Yes, the State Scholastic K-8 Chess Championships was last weekend.

Illinois State Scholastic K-8 Chess Championships

Illinois State Scholastic K-8 Chess Championships

The day before, last Friday, Abe said, “I don’t want to go to chess tournament this weekend.”
“Why?” I asked.
“This Saturday, we have a basketball game with the Pacers—the team we lost two weeks ago.” Abe replied. Pacers won Nuggets two weeks ago. It’s is the first loss for Abe’s team within these two seasons. I was not with Abe in that game as I usually do because I had another appointment. I did not know what went wrong that time. Upon seeing him, I asked,

“Did you guys play like a team?”

“Yes, we did.”

“Did you guys work hard and try your best?”

“Yes, we did.”

“Did you learn something from the loss?”

“No, only big people do that, small people do not.” Abe replied. Since they are small people, why bother…

But I know Abe and his teammates want to win the rematch. This Saturday is the chance.

But this weekends’ chess tournament is the state scholastic championship; I’ve already registered him for the chess tournament. I do not know who would be their opponent until it’s too late. We have to go. I felt a little guilty.

On the evening of last Saturday, my wife told me that the coach of Abe’s basketball team sent us an email saying the team won with a great team effort. I was so glad with the win, I felt a little relieved.

After the two-day, seven-round chess tournament, Abe got six points and was the 6th place in his section

His only loss was to the final champion. After the game, Abe said, “I was winning, then blundered, then lost the game.” Here is the game:

Abe had a lucky schedule in this tournament, most of his opponents are rated much lower than him. I think he had an OK tournament. But on another note, Abe told me after the tournament, most people finish their games much quicker than the time allowed, I think that is a bad habit that might be contagious among the kids.  It is fun to play quick, but you’ll prone to make mistakes. It made easier for the high rated player to win. The higher rated players may have a faulty easy impression of his games. I’m always a little worried about that.

Of course, upset (a lower rated player wins a higher rated player) happens in whatever time control, just Abe was not one of one of victims this time.

At the end of the day,

I am glad to hear the one win. Keep the good work, “Nuggets”, let’s win the next game.
I am fine with the one loss; hope Abe will not make the similar mistakes next time.


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  1. By ppmint, March 17, 2010 @ 1:14 pm

    Many kids who play chess do not have the “right” thinking process; they often choose their moves randomly or without deep analysis, that’s why they play fast: because they don’t know better and don’t know how to slow down. Congrats to Abe, he’s actually in 2nd place with a 6-way tie?

  2. By TheChessDad, March 17, 2010 @ 10:25 pm

    Often I remind Abe to slow down in the hope he can play better. The post of 01/11/10 tells such a story.
    Thank you for your kind words. Hope Abe can have another solid performance in the upcoming tournament.

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