Who or Whom

Last night, on the way home from shopping at Walgreens, we listened to a show from the audio CD: English Majors by Garrison Keillor, the show was about an English major working at a fast food restaurant and correcting customers’ misuse of who or whom. The show was very funny. Abe and I both laughed a lot, however, at the end, Abe said “It (the rule) is too complex.”

Back home, I found an easy explanation of the grammar from You Tube:

I would like to propose a rule that is slightly different from the teaching in above video:

When choosing between who or whom, if you can replace it with he, she, or they, use who; otherwise, use whom.

Some people may suggest if you replace the choice with him, then you should use whom, but, in my opinion, this part of rule may produce further confusion and is unnecessary.

Quite simple? I hope so.

I listed some sentences about chess using who and whom below, hope you find them helpful:

  • Who is your opponent in this round?
  • Whom did you play with in this round?
  • Who is the highest rated high school student in the state?
  • Whom did the state chess association select as the state representative for the national tournament?
  • Who is the current World Chess Champion?
  • Whom do you expect to be the next World Chess Champion?

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