From Chicago to Milwaukee

OK, I am kidding. I don’t mean to borrow the title of book:  From London to Elista, a chess book covers relative recent events. Abe likes it; he likes to read games, although he has not developed an interest in the anecdotes.

Last Saturday, we went to Hales Corners Challenge XI in Milwaukee.  Abe was  eligible to play in the reserve section based on his rating, but he would likely to be one of the tops of that section.  I convinced him to play up in order to play with stronger opponents. It turned out, to my surprise, Abe still had a lucky day.

In the Open section, all four of his opponents were higher rated than him. He lost to one, won the others. At the end of the day,  he was tied with many others for second place. Considering there were thirteen players being experts or masters, his finish was very good.

Here is the game he lost:

A side note, before and during the tournament, Abe asked me several times to ask the TD for some bytes so he could watch NBA playoff games.  I told him that he’d have many many chances to watch the yearly NBA playoff games. In addition, there was a TV in the hosting hotel showing the NBA playoff games, so he could watch some during the rounds. Reluctantly, he played all the games. However, I do not know if my reply and insistence were good or not. If you have an idea, please let me know.


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