Get out of the bed

Abe usually gets up at 7 am at Saturdays, he then dresses up and goes downstairs to watch TV or play video games. But not last Saturday; I told him the night before, if we’d wake up at 7, we’d go to a chess tournament, otherwise, we wouldn’t go. I did not tell Abe about the chess tournament early in the week because we might not go because one of Abe’s possible activity. But we are free and I decide to go there.

I only allow Abe to play his DS during weekends. I guess he’d rather to stay in bed until past 7 to skip the trip, and then he’d play his DS. I do not know if he is faking asleep or otherwise, at 7, I tried to wake him up, but he just ignored me. Twenty minutes later, I tried again; he screamed “I do not want to go.”

“How about you sleep in the car when we drive to the tournament?” the tournament is more than two hours’ drive. “We are almost late if we want to make the first round.”

“Who cares?”

After further arguing, finally, we left the house at close to 7:40. I felt a little guilty for getting him out of bed to do what he did not want to do, on the other hand, on several occasions, he said he did not want go to chess tournaments on Saturdays even we were totally free on those days, but we went upon my insistence, he actually had good times and had above average performance on those trips. In addition, if we do not go there, Abe will spend hours of the day on video games.

We barely made the first round. Abe took a long nap in the car during the long boring drive, when he woke up, he was in a very good mood, and he seemed forgot how reluctant he was to come here this morning.

The tournament was held in a church, and skittles room was in an indoor gym, we were glad that he could play some basketball during the rounds; moreover, there are other kids in the tournament.

The chess tournament was held in a church

The chess tournament was held in a church

He had an OK tournament. After four rounds, he was very glad to get a nice big trophy (to show it off to his little brother) and a small cash prize.

I was glad that Abe was very happy at the end of the day, although I knew that I had a long boring drive, mostly in night, to home.


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