The USCF online ratings

I like that the USCF ratings update after each tournament and they are publicly accessible on its website. So does Abe, I think. He sometimes browses the website, I don’t think he mainly worries his own rating; instead he does it out of curiosity of his friends or other players.

Last Saturday, two days ago, Abe and I went to a chess tournament. He had a lucky day, won two games with opponents of one and two classes higher than him.

Yesterday afternoon, he went to a friend’s home to play for two hours. Before I picked him up, I found from USCF website that his rating jumped above 1600. I congratulated him when I picked him up. He said without much excitement, “I knew I would be above 1600 (at the tournament).”

He browsed the USCF website for a minute or two before going to bed last night. I was glad he would spent time looking at something about chess online, not spending all his time playing video games.


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