Abe’s soccer game

Last Sunday, the temperature reached 89 °F (32 °C) — very hot considering it was only 63 °F (17 °C) a week ago. Abe’s soccer game was in early afternoon. It would be quite a challenger for the kids to play under the sun in such a hot day.

He was supposed to arrive the field twenty minutes earlier to take the team photo. Upon arriving the field, we found out that another game was going on. Maybe those kids were playing the last quarter, only a couple of them were still running, the others were just standing— only run a few steps if the ball getting close to their feet. It was too hot!

I posted a picture and some video I took below; I didn’t record the whole game; it was too hot even for standing along the side line of the field. By the way, Abe scored one goal, played the goal keeper at the fourth quarter, and got exhausted. His teammates were exhausted too. Though they lost to their opponent, it was a good game and every one had a good time.

team picture before the soccer game

team picture before the soccer game


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