A story remembered

After reading this article (The Leap) from New York Magazine, I felt very very sad. I remember a similar case happened to one of my classmates when I was in the graduate school. After the first exam, at which I did poorly, so were most in the class—many failed, as told by the professor the next class, I admitted to myself that there were many people that were better then me. The next class, the professor brought us a very sad news—one people in the class committed suicide.

I do not know the reason behind the story. In fact, I do not want to know-it must be a very sad story. It happened, to a young graduate, how sad it was, how shocking were the parents of the kid upon hearing the news. Hope similar cases would  not happen to other kids! But, today, the very sad story happened in New York to a bright high school student.

Whatever the reasons may contribute to it, as a parent, how should you contribute to stop the happening of such tragedies? From now on, let your kids know:” Even when you have a setback, you have many many more chances to fight back. Whether it is your fault making the mistake, but that is your previous fault, you can forgive yourself; let’s not make a current or future fault. ” Maybe we should learn more from this moving story, maybe we should read it once again, if you can.


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