Chess camp, vacation and others (2 of 2)

We arrived at our hotel a little bit after noon. Mommy left to her conference right away. In fact, during each day, Abe, his little brother David and I would stay in the hotel most of the time: spending hours playing in the pools and hours watching the World Cup on the TV.

As usual, Abe was in charge of the remote control. I was glad that he mostly chose the Soccer World Cup, which I was more than happy to watch together. In addition, Abe and I watched a very moving documentary film from ESPN: The Two Escobars. The film was about soccer and crime, honesty and lying, a people’s struggle and a nation’s struggle. After watching it, I said to Abe “A player needs to play with heart at every chance, never gives up.” Abe nodded. Except we all agreed it was a very good film, I did not know what else proper to say at the moment. I would highly recommend it whether you like soccer or not. You may want to check this review if you want watch it on TV or preorder the DVD.

We drove back on Wednesday afternoon, made home at about 4:30 pm. Abe’s basketball game (the first one of the summer league) began half an hour later. Upon his insistence, Abe and I had to leave at once for the game. We were glad Abe’s team won the game from behind. Abe looked a little tired, but made some defense plays.

Wow, what a team effort. Great game, everyone!


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