For better or for worse

Abe played in two tournaments last weekend — one on Saturday and one on Sunday, scored one point out of  three and two points out of four,  respectively. The performance was certainly not that good, however, it wasn’t as poor as his in recent weeks either.

Abe at Sunday's chess tournament

Abe at Sunday's chess tournament

I had been telling him all the time: 1) Do not spend too much time on video games and 2) Slow down, therefore, try his best during chess matches. The reasons were: 1) Once having an opportunity, he would play for video games for hours non-stop, which decreases interest and time for others activities. 2) He usually played very fast when he was a beginner— in fact, the quicker the game, the more likely he would win. But not now (after around 1400, maybe) —the quicker he played, the more he could get punished. In order to win, he has to slow down and try hard for each game.

I do not know he will do better or worse in the next few months, I do believe he could get better in the next couple of years if he keeps his interest in chess. His long term performance should be in proportion to his chess knowledge: if he rises too quickly in rating, later on, his rating could drop— he needs time to catch on what he lacks.

Of course, short term performance, which nobody should  care about, could be much different than the rating. Win or lose, “it is OK as long as you tried your best”, as I have been telling Abe.


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