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We were hectic; we had a full schedule for the July 4th weekend.

On Saturday morning, we went shopping and prepared for the next day’s BBQ. In the afternoon, we watched some World Cup on TV. Then Abe, I and some of our friends drove to Ravinia Festival watching (listening to) a show: A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor. A lot of people went there. When we arrived, we found that the main parking lot’s full. We had to try another parking lot which was more than 2 miles away. Aside from us being big fans of Garrison Keillor and we did mind the little inconvenience, the show itself was well worth it. You can listen the show from the website of A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor if you want to.  The show was best enjoyed if you lay on a lawn on a cool summer afternoon. In addition, it’s not a normal afternoon, but an afternoon on the July 4th weekend; no wonder so many people, including many families, came to the show.

On Sunday, we and some friends went to see the parade, then had BBQ in our backyard (the adults’ favorite was lamb kebabs, the kids’ favorite was roasting marshmallows), then walked to watch the fireworks in a nearby, if riding in a car, park when it was dark.

We didn’t know how many miles we walked in those two days. Although very tired, all seemed having a good time and could, fortunately, have a good long sleep.


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