A chess camp and a tournament

Last week, Abe attended a chess camp, the same camp he attended last month. There were quite a few grandmasters as instructors at the camp. The lectures in terms of depth and quality must be excellent since Abe told me they were all very good. The biggest benefit the chess camp brought to Abe, I thought, was he had more interests in chess during the camp.

At the end of the camp, I found Abe got the first places in both blitz and puzzle solving in his group, but he did poorly in the tournament of regular games. He said he lost 2 rounds to lower rated players on time. I told him it’s OK: “Let’s worry about it later”. I felt in recent tournaments, he started to slow down his games. Instead of finishing a game quickly, he could use most of the allowed time in some games. He started to calculate deeper, think more about chess variations. Now, I would think it was a good thing even he could lose on time.

Last weekend, immediately following the chess camp, Abe played in Class B section of  Chicago Class 2010. He had 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, so not bad at all.  One of funniest things in the tournament was he told me the reason he lost round four was because “I played too quick.” It’s a surprise to me, in many of the previous tournaments, I told him to slow down again and again but appeared to no avail at all. This time, he admitted his mistake before I had a chance mentioning it . Maybe it was a new development? Maybe it was because of last week’s chess camp?

Whatever the reason is, let’s just hope for the better of his future games.


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