Roger Federer and his parents

I read Anxiety On The Grass from New Yorker (issue of June 28, 2010). The article talked about Roger Federer:

Unlike Agassi and countless other tennis prodigies, Federer never had to deal with pressure from an ambitious parent…His Swiss-born father… and his mother, who is South African, …played recreational tennis at the firm’s small club close to their house… “We’d spend weekends on the tennis court”…”Roger had unbelievable coordination at very young age… We noticed this, but we didn’t push him. All the major decision of his spots career he took himself.”

It was Roger’s decision, at twelve, to quit playing soccer and to enter the program at the Swiss National Tennis Center, in Ecublens, two and a half hours by train from home…he stuck it for out for three years…

Upon reading this article, I felt that

  • Roger got immersed in the tennis environment by joining tennis-enthusiasts parents.
  • Parents are the big support along the way.
  • Right Coaching, right parents. It does not matter that the guidance is from coach or from parents or both.
  • Hard working. Roger mastered it from a very young age.

In order to verify those observations by reading more details of Roger Federer’s growth, I borrowed the book from the local library:  The Roger Federer Story: Quest for Perfection. You may find the following excepts from the book fascinating:

…Little Roger hit his first tennis ball over the net at three-and-a-half years old. At four, he could already hit twenty or thirty balls in a row…

…He played soccer, handball, basketball, table tennis and tennis and, at home, he even played badminton over the neighbor’s fence…

…For hours, Roger hit tennis balls against a wall, a garage door, in his room against a wall or even against the cupboard in the house. Pictures and dishes were not safe and his sister’s room wasn’t spared either…


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