“Abe Scored!”

We had a block party in our neighborhood last Saturday. For several days last week,  Abe had mentioned that he liked to go to the party since he wanted to play with the kids of our neighbors. In addition, as usual, he has his soccer games on Sundays. In the past weekends, we, reluctantly, skipped some of his games due to the chess tournaments. He will play several more chess tournaments in the coming weekends, so we decided, maybe it’s not a bad idea, to take a break from the tournaments last weekend.

Since the weekend’s free, we could enjoy things that would otherwise be too energy consuming before a chess tournament. Friday night, we went to see the homecoming parade in a nearby university. On the way to the parade, Abe’s brother was very excited and yelled OFFENSE DEFENSE all along, maybe he thought he was going to watch a sports game. Abe and his little brother, at least, enjoyed the parade by getting a lot of candy, the parade display was very creative, the  university students were dancing, singing and screaming. It was a big party. I think they tasted a little bit of college life.

On Saturday morning, we started to worry, maybe, it’s a bad idea to take this weekend off. It’s raining, we worried that the party in the afternoon would be canceled. I thought we would better to go to a chess tournament if the party would be canceled. Otherwise, what a waste to take this weekend off.

However, the rain stopped in the early afternoon, the block party started as planed, Abe played as planned, in a beautiful fall afternoon.

The next day, the whole family went to Abe’s soccer game. Abe ‘s team won the game.  “Abe Scored!” Abe’s little brother exclaimed, with proud.


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