Like stars on earth — every child is special

Abe did fine in last weekend’s chess tournament: 2010 Illinois All Grade Championship, he won four games against four lower rated players, lost one game to a higher rated player. In the game he lost, a delicate endgame was reached and both players played well and determined, as some observers told me. The game was the last one finished in the section, I was sure that it was a good game; I hope Abe can learn a lot from it.

The next day, last Sunday, there was another chess tournament nearby in the afternoon, “Do you want to go?” I asked Abe. “It was up to you.”His mommy added.  Abe replied “No” the night before, “Yes” in the morning and then “No” again at the noon. I guessed that he was too tired and needed a break. Maybe we can stay at home and watch a movie together.

The DVD was borrowed from library last week.  It’s named “Like stars on earth — every child is special”. Since the movie was about a kid, his parents and one of his teachers, I thought, the whole family might enjoy it, probably, at Saturday night. Actually, we watched it at Sunday afternoon.

The movie lasted almost all the afternoon — it ran more than two and a half hours. In addition, there were some conversations in foreign language. I was surprised to find out Abe and I finished the whole movie, with some help of English subtitles. “It is a long movie, but very moving.” I said. Abe nodded. The story showed LOVE was the utmost force in discovering the talent of a seemingly retarded kid with “dyslexia”. I also got moved by some song like “Perseverance will bring the applause of the world” even you are misunderstood at the beginning.

After dinner, while Abe was playing Wii games, I asked him to do his homework.

“Wait, Daddy forced me to watch a movie all afternoon.” he must thought now Daddy should not force him to do another thing.

“But you don’t need to finish it if you don’t like it,” Mommy replied.

“I have to; it was such a heartbreaking movie.”


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  1. By chess sets, November 18, 2010 @ 11:13 am

    That’s a great little story. Things really can sweep us along, when we’re emotionally engaged — even a two-and-a-half hour movie mostly in Hindi.

    And I assume it was this movie? Those Indian movies always run long; two-and-a-half hours is actually relatively short for a Bollywood production. Movie are a huge business in India, and when your target audience hasn’t got a lot of money to spare, you want to be sure you give them their money’s worth!
    – – – – –

  2. By TheChessDad, November 29, 2010 @ 10:47 am

    Good movies have no language boundaries. Abe and I have watched several foreign movies (with English subtitles) about kids and parents. Kids just need to watch them with parents together.

  3. By cherie88, May 27, 2011 @ 9:45 am

    Great movie.. good actors! as well as the story, very detailed.. and most of all very inspiring movie… must watch, especially those parents pushing their children on something that they can’t do.

  4. By Jeany Villegas, September 18, 2011 @ 9:25 pm

    It was so inspiring movie..well, in our english subject..our teacher announce that we will our film showing..i didn’t expect that it is a very inspiring first ‘i laugh because the story was so funny..well mostly all my classmates the story go along .. it made me cry..especially the part that he sent to a boarding school and when his family left him. His mother always crying and the part that when his mother saw the notebook with his drawings that he is not with his family..that was so made my tears fall..

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