No Resolution for this year

A year earlier, I made a New Year’s Resolution, but I did not achieve it. Upon looking back, I found that my resolution was so naive and silly. This year, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution of Abe’s chess improvement of x rating points increase, I found a better alternative — making no Resolution at all for this year.

Since Abe, based on a long term trend, is still on his improving stage, I do not want to put any additional pressure on his short term performance. It’s fine that he loses many games now in order to fix his weakness (such as the bad habit of playing too fast) and gain experience. It’s fine he keeps losing but keeps playing. I’d have a New Year’s Resolution if I can measure how much he increases his interest in chess and how much he slows down in his games, but I could not find any measurements. So I had to give up the thought of a New Year’s Resolution.


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