USAT North

It’s the first time that Abe played in a team tournament. It looked that it’s a lot of fun. What a strong and diversified field! Many teams were from out of the state, even many local players were not familiar to me: some from high school, with a lot of energy and determination, and greatly underrated; some senior masters,  with a little bit of rust  but still enough prohibitive capabilities.

USAT North

USAT North

After one of Abe’s losses, I asked him did he blundered. He said “No, it’s just a miscalculation. I was winning before that.” In fact, a later computer analysis revealed a swing of at least seven pawn values (I thought one pawn value loss could be considered a blunder).

He said he was so scared of sacrifice, I guessed that his miscalculation could be on a bad sacrifice. I told him that there are two options to deal with it. One is to think more to make sure it work. The other is not to take that risk if you are not sure, instead, try to transfer the game into a favorable endgame.

Abe mentioned his sacrifice worked except his opponent got too many compensations. I replied ” You meant that your sacrifice did not work, didn’t you.” I guess if  my suggestions were good,  Abe would knew them already since he read much more chess books than I do. Therefore, he won’t listen to me. A better alternative is, as I hoped, to let him learn from his mistakes.


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