Soccer season

Abe was very excited when he was making the school JV soccer team last week. He had been talking about making the soccer team several times even before the school started. It’s all new to him, like games and practices many times a week, like traveling with other teammates and the coach in a school bus for a game out of the town, besides, he needs to get up early every morning for school, around 7 am. In fact, he got up that early last Saturday, I thought he’s over excited. He had no school on Saturday, he just went downstairs to play a new Wii game, something like Madden NFL, I bought for him recently.

Today after school, he had a game. Since he also plays in AYSO on Sundays. He had soccer games or practices in four consecutive days. Next week, he will have soccer games in four consecutive days. I worried a little about his stamina— “could he get hurt if he is too tired and lost his concentration?”. But as long as he is having fun and wants running in the field, I know I should not worry too much. In addition, I know he needs to build stamina and to learn from mistakes to grow up, and to some degree, playing sports will help him playing better chess.

Soccer game after school

Soccer game after school




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