Unexpected after playing a scholastic chess tournament

Abe cried loud before going to bed last night. He did not have a bad tournament and was one of the top finishers of the section. But he said he wanted to be the winner of his section. I remembered he never said wanting to be a winner of any chess tournament before.  The winner of each section in last weekend’s tournament had a cool prize—a netbook computer.

He said he was just lucky going this far in the tournament but he missed his chance to get the top prize. I told him that the same tournament: Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls would come back next year. “You can have another shot next year.” I said, “But you’ll have to improve yourself, you cannot depend on luck alone.”

“No, I won’t, everyone else will improve.” Abe replied.

I knew I didn’t need to say much and Abe would figure out the answer.

“Let him cry a little more if he wants.” I thought.


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