Found it!

Yesterday, waiting outside the chess playing hall at a chess tournament, I looked outside of the window and thought: “Fall was not bad and it’s a nice day outside”. When Abe showed up after finishing his game, I asked him, “Did you see any birds outside?” I asked him this question because I missed their existences just out of the window until a minute ago.

“Where?” It seemed Abe did not see any birds on his first try.

“Over there,”

“…Oh, I found it.”

See if you can find any birds outside?
See if you can find any birds outside?


“Just like chess, if you try and try, you may find something (you are looking for).”

By the way, Abe had a lucky day— he scored 3.5 points out of 4.

Today, I asked him what he did differently in that lucky tournament.

“I thought more,” Abe replied.


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