Why did I found Reapot (www.reapot.com)

I copied my story from the company website (www.reapot.com):

Back in January 2011, our founder, Zeke, went to a chess tournament in Chicago. There was a book vendor there selling chess books and other chess equipments to people at the tournament.  While Zeke was browsing chess books, a guy came in and asked the vendor,

“Do you accept used chess books? I have a lot at home.”

“No, I just sell new chess books except a couple in Like New condition.” The seller replied.

Overhearing the conversation, Zeke thought to himself: “That guy must want to sell his used chess book to the vendor instead of letting those chess book sitting in some book shelves collecting dusts.”

“I have spent hundreds of dollars buying chess book last year alone. Like many other chess players, we love to collect chess books. In fact, however, some books had been read only once, many are not finished. On the other hand, chess books are expansive; it would be a shame to waste the chess books collecting dusts,” Zeke continued with his thought. “It would be a good idea if I can supply a platform so that more people can read chess books and put his/her used chess book in good use.”

So Reapot Inc. was founded —based on that idea.

The mission of Reapot is:

Reapot.com is an online chess book rental store. As customers, no matter you are chess players, chess parents, chess educators, chess organizers or just hobbyists in chess, you can rent all chess books you want from Reapot.com. We hope we can help to nurture your passion and fulfill your goal in life by supplying an affordable, convenient and innovative service.

“Rent all the chess books you want! And receive free months by buying or donating chess books.” is acclaimed on Reapot website. After you join as a member (not as a free guest), you can rent as many chess books as you want (although there is a limit on how many books you can rent each time, there is no limit on how many times you can rent). You can buy the books you rented and/or donate your own chess books to receive free months.

Please check Reapot (www.reapot.com) out, even you don’t want to rent books right now, you can still build your wish list of favorite chess books with a free guest account . Please let me know if you agree with the ideal and practice of Reapot.


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