Michael Jordan and his high school coach

Recently, I read a moving article from Sports Illustrated about Michael Jordan’s  high school coach (“Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?“), coach Herring. It’s he who placed Michael on the Junior Varsity team when Michael’s a sophomore and  too short to make the Varsity team.  But Michael made the Varsity team the following year and coach Herring picked him up every day at six o’clock and took him to the gym to help him work on his abilities.

What a poor old coach considering Coach Herring’s, for close to 30 years, unemployed/unemployable  and even found himself homeless at sometime. Sad but true,being a former high school coach of a later superstar. You may not be able to enjoy any financial rewards or even a proper recognition besides being thanked and remembered for your passion to the game and your sacrifices.

I like the following sentences, are they irony or a metaphor?

If life is a cycle of giving and receiving, of storing up goodwill in the hearts of those around you, of doing kindness for the sake of kindness but also for yourself, for your reserved fund, in case one day you need to make a withdrawal, when you’re old or sick or poor or maybe all three, then for the first 31 years of his life Pop Herring built about as much wealth as a man could. And then he lost most of his earning capacity, almost overnight, and what he had left were those investments is that they usually come with risk. Your never know which ones will pay off. You can put in and put in and put in, and you still might get nothing back.

But you should know, still keep “investing”, even your kids are now not good enough to be placed on school varsity team, as Michael Jordan did when he’s a sophomore in high school.



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