US Amateur Team North 2012

Last weekend, Abe and I went to USAT held at the same venue as last year. Since we went to the same tournament last year, it’s only a short drive to get there, Abe did not have any objections to it (he prefers tournaments close by and on the weekends when he has no school activities).

US Amateur Team North 2012

US Amateur Team North 2012

Comparing to team events to individual events, playing in team events is more fun since the player also pays attention to what the teammates are doing.  The players get addition motivations or encouragements within the team. I felt this year’s event is even better than last years. The tournament’s run flawlessly. More team, more strong players and more fun.

Abe did OK in the tournament and he had fun, which is most important. Hey, I guess there should be more team events like this one in order to attract more people to play chess. Do you agree?



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