RIP Isaac

I was shocked to hear the passing of Isaac Braswell , whom we met many times at Evanston Chess tournaments. He was always very funny, brought laugh to every one around him. He was nice to everyone,with respect, with no single bad word,  it makes you warm in heart. Abe was somewhat shy in the tournaments, maybe he was too junior to speaks with adults. But Issac sometimes joked with him. Issac makes the tournament less stressful, a day in chess tournament a nice day passed.

About three weeks ago, we went to USAT north, which was one of last tournaments Issac played. At the skittles room, I remembered Issac greeted us. Maybe Issac did not remember Abe’s or mine names. But he recognized us as members of the chess community.

I think as long as you play chess with others (or as a spectator), you are a member of the chess community. No matter you are young or old, shy or active, you are cared by others, even you do not realize it.

Issac, we miss you. RIP


PS:  Want more on Issac’s story? check out  A Love supreme.


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