A good game

It was cool, or a little cold, but I thought it was a nice day for playing soccer during last week’s game. Upon leaving, someone greeted us and said Abe was on fire. Abe tried hard in the field and running everywhere no matter it’s offense or defense and he was good at passing to teammates too.

A good soccer game

A good soccer game

Unfortunately, Abe’s team lost. But a good game nevertheless as claimed by the team coach. Every one tried hard to fight back  but fell one goal short. The game’s close and exciting by watching from the sideline.

Yesterday, Abe played another team under the same nice cool weather. He and his teammates had a much easier time.

Dance or not

Dance or not

Abe and his little brother sometimes play video game of soccer, maybe the video game helped them to be a little better at soccer?

I registered Abe to learn playing tennis from the park district. He opposed to it strongly since he’d never been coached, his play “sucks” and he “will not go” to the session. I told him the session’s for beginners and included only several lessons, “after you try and if you still do not like it. We can forget it and move on.” I prepared that if Abe would ask me why I ask him to learn tennis, I would answer that playing more than one sports make you less likely get injured. Anyway, he did not ask. But he asked if I already paid the fee, of course I did upon registration.

After last week’s first session, he said he actually good at tennis, he did not mention quitting anymore.

By the way, last week, without being asked,  he started playing chess on board with himself again. Something he had not done since he began Junior High last year.




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