David, Abe’s little brother, likes to play chess from time to time. Some time he plays against computers, or against Mommy or me. He likes to set the computer to the easiest level, and we are easy enough to be worthy opponents for him to have some fun.  Abe teaches him a little bit of chess moves but Abe is too strong for David.  Every time the two brothers play on chess or any other games, after a little while, I will hear David’s cry “Mommy— Abe didn’t go easy on me.”

Some days ago, while playing chess on iPad, he asked “If I keep playing chess, one day I’ll beat Abe?”

Before anyone could reply. “Never,” Abe hurried.

Two days ago, David went to Chicago Open since Abe played in the tournament. He was quite excited in the skittle room. He likes to see other kids to play chess. Other bigger kids are kind enough to play with him.

“David said every time he played, other people would checkmate him” I was told later when I came back at evening to wait for Abe’s game.

Mommy told David many times “It’s time to go home”.

“No.” David’s looking for another game after getting checkmated all the time.


David is playing chess in the skittles room of Chicago Open

David is playing chess in the skittles room of Chicago Open






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