Abe is OK after the Spring Break

In a time span of eight days or Spring Break (From 3/29 to 4/6), Abe played nine games (eight games in two soccer tournaments and a regular league game).  Out of the nine, he played most of time in one game and all time in eight full 70-minute games (although it was mentioned somewhere 35-minute halves, the exact times are all longer that. Once I even timed a 47 minutes half ). I was nervous in the last three games. ” Was his body be OK? What if an injury?” He complained his pain at bottoms of his feet and sides of his big toes. Luckly he did not complain the back side of ankle, which I worried the most ( I think pain in ankles or knees brings the loudest alarm). On the other hand, his teammates and coach, or even the parents of his teammate would like him to play. I told Abe if he wanted, he could inform the coach he played a lot of soccer in the past week and asked for replacement. It turned out Abe kept playing to the end of the tournament. As for me, I could only make sure he get healthy foods (a challenge sometime) during the tournament and pray him not to get injured. I think it helped that Abe’s mother and his brother all came along to the tournament. Encouragements here and there, a little massage, a little fighting/disputes between brothers kept Abe going.

At a soccer tournament

At a soccer tournament

Make the matter worse, the hotel we stay on 4/5 was terrible, there was a false smoke alarm in the nights to wake him up. No sound insulation between hotel room, TV, music, chatter and baby’s crying was too loud for Abe to fall back to sleep again. He got up to search his earphones and his ipod after “one and half hour’s sleeplessness” (he exclaimed and must exaggerated the length of that time).

The following is a clip of his game on 4/5/14, he played defense:


Abe looked OK  and he went back to school today. What a Spring Break!