Summer is almost gone

David at the school’s Music show before the summer vacation.

Comparing when he attended his brother’s show almost four and a half years ago (video:

), you can feel kids grow fast if not our parents get old fast. David also played soccer from the park district, it’s his first year.

David took many swimming lessons this summer, he’s still a beginner but he could swim a longer distance than I did.

Abe went to a soccer camp last month, he went to a soccer tournament (2014 US Youth Soccer ODP Region II Showcase) the following Monday. The bad news was he hurt his right knee because he crashed with somebody in the camp, bending the knee such as climbing stairs would bring sharp pain to the knee when he came back from the camp, he said he was all right two days later, he played a little soccer with friends while watching the World Cup final. The next day we went to the tournament, he performed very well in the first half of the first game, than the knee began to bother him again, so he had to sit out most of the rest games.

The good news was the injury seemed not too bad, it only took days after the tournament until he felt all fine again. By the way, he went to the tournament because he made the ODP State team by went through a series of practices, tournament and state combine.


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