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US Amateur Team North 2012

Last weekend, Abe and I went to USAT held at the same venue as last year. Since we went to the same tournament last year, it’s only a short drive to get there, Abe did not have any objections to it (he prefers tournaments close by and on the weekends when he has no school […]

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CCSCSL Thanksgiving Open

Several friends have told me how great the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis was and I should visit it with Abe sometime. Weeks ago, knowing Thanksgiving Open would be held over the Thanksgiving weekend there, without hesitation, I registered Abe for the tournament. I am excited to go see the club except […]

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Found it!

Yesterday, waiting outside the chess playing hall at a chess tournament, I looked outside of the window and thought: “Fall was not bad and it’s a nice day outside”. When Abe showed up after finishing his game, I asked him, “Did you see any birds outside?” I asked him this question because I missed their […]

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A bad tournament

Last Saturday, Abe had a bad tournament; he scored 1.5 points out 4. On the way to home, he said his face was so red (so he could not think calmly). I replied “Maybe you are over-excited (to rush)”. He had so many school activities this year. Every day, before dinner, he just got home […]

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School and Chess

Summer is over! Although not officially, but I can realize it since Abe could not sleep as late as he wanted anymore. In the last week or so, he had to get up at around 7 am. At evenings, he seemed had much more homework than last year and he also had to go to […]

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Luck stroke again

Last weekend, Abe played in Chicago Class chess tournament.   I put him playing up one class since Abe, most often, plays better against slightly higher rated players —plays worse against lower rated players. I guess  his concentration plays a big roll in his performance. He concentrates more when playing against high rated players; he makes […]

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“Played like a Child”

Over the long July 4th weekend, Abe played in the FIDE Continental America’s Amateur Chess Championship. He had a so-so performance with an even score (3.5 out 7).   After the first day’s games (he scored 0.5 point out of 2), on the way home, he said he’s winning in the second game, then he […]

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Is better to watch your kids playing in a tournament?

Abe played at Chicago Open last weekend. He scored one win, two draws and four losses. Yesterday, after looking at computer analysis showing he made mistakes here and there in his games, he told me he did poorly at the tournament. I think it’s a good learning experience for him. Since the slow time control, […]

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Two articles about then and now of Gata Kamsky

Gata Kamsky won the 2011 US chess Championship weeks ago, and advanced to the semifinals in 2011 FIDE  Candidates Matches for the world championship by defeating Veselin Topalov days ago. Maybe he will bring us another surprise later. I found an old article about the teenager Gata and his father and a recent article about  […]

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“Patience and concentration bring you good luck.”

That’s what I told Abe before the tournament last Saturday. It worked this time. Abe drew with a Master in the first round. After the game I congratulate him by saying “Good job. I was especially happy for you since you fought until the last second.” He literally had one second left on his clock […]

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From 4 to 32 in four months

Abe played in a G-45 chess tournament last Sunday afternoon. Back about four months ago,  he played the same G-45 tournament when the tournament was debuted as a monthly event. At that time, only four players showed up. So they played in a round robin format, every one played each of the rest, which resulted […]

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USAT North

It’s the first time that Abe played in a team tournament. It looked that it’s a lot of fun. What a strong and diversified field! Many teams were from out of the state, even many local players were not familiar to me: some from high school, with a lot of energy and determination, and greatly […]

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The Smartest Guy Ever and Pushy Parenting

Abe went to a chess tournament last Sunday afternoon. The tournament was great for him as he played with several strong opponents. Although the tournament last until evening, it’s no problem for us since we were no far away from home. On the way back home, I believe, I heard an interesting story from the […]

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One of the last

From last Tuesday to last Thursday, Abe played at the 2010 Pan American Open chess tournament. Since the playing site was only a little more than an hour’s drive away, I decided to drive each day instead of staying at an hotel there. The driving was not bad at all— on both ways each day, […]

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Tension here

Another weekend, another chess tournament. Another IL class (here is 2009 IL class) and another year.  Same cold snowy day outside, same hot tension inside. Hope you enjoy everything, whether it is  the snow, or it is the tension, whether you are young or you are old. Talking about something without tension, Abe’s little bother […]

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1st NA Amateur Closed

The 9-round 3-day tournament was held over the Thanksgiving weekend. The venue is clean and well lighted, all equipments are supplied—even the food and drink. So the plays just need to show up and play chess. A big feast of chess over Turkey Day weekend, how nice! Abe was playing in the tournament, so were […]

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The one benifit having kids playing chess

One chess parent told me he thought one of main benefits of having kids playing chess was the constant challenge to kids. The kids learn to deal with setbacks since they are in up and down all the time. I remember I heard more than once Abe told himself “I’d better win this one”, but […]

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Keep playing

In a recent tournament, one chess parent told me about his chess-playing son: “He played so little in the summer.” The boy is very talented and performed splendid from time to time. Since his parenting are very busy, he has not played much in tournaments recently. “Win or lose, I don’t care. Just keep playing.” […]

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“You could play better when you slow down.”

Abe said sorry after I expressed deep frustration at the Illinois Open. He said he would slow down in the next tournament. The next tournament would be about a week away. It’s a strong round robin event. I would like to see if he can keep his promise. I was asked by the organizer the […]

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“You made me angry!”

I was very frustrated with Abe’s recent performance in chess tournaments.  He likes to blitz in his games regardless of the time control. I keep reminding him to slow down.  He might realize his problem as shown in this post, but still, he will return to his bad habit very often. He did so poor […]

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