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Tension here

Another weekend, another chess tournament. Another IL class (here is 2009 IL class) and another year.  Same cold snowy day outside, same hot tension inside. Hope you enjoy everything, whether it is  the snow, or it is the tension, whether you are young or you are old. Talking about something without tension, Abe’s little bother […]

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A first review of “Chess Child” by Gary Robson

About months ago, I pre-ordered the book: Chess Child: The story of Ray Robson, America’s Youngest Grandmaster. I received it two days ago, finished reading it yesterday. It has been long long time since I finish reading a book in one day, not even the book Searching for Bobby Fisher. What a great father-son story. […]

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From Chicago to Milwaukee

OK, I am kidding. I don’t mean to borrow the title of book:  From London to Elista, a chess book covers relative recent events. Abe likes it; he likes to read games, although he has not developed an interest in the anecdotes. Last Saturday, we went to Hales Corners Challenge XI in Milwaukee.  Abe was  eligible […]

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A funny book and a funny video I recommended to Abe

The book is My life and Hard Times by James Thurber. Although it is an old book, it includes many short, sweet and funny stories; it’s the best written book I have read so far. I have no reservation to recommend it to kids and the parents to read. Check you local library, and I am […]

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What did you learn from this chess tournament

Last Weekend Abe and I went to Indianapolis to play the 2010 US Junior Chess Congress. It was the first time Abe played chess tournaments out of state,  his little brother: David and Mommy also came with us to show the support. The tournament was well organized, such as paring sheets were always posted  twenty […]

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Abe and me, the journey started

About three years ago, once I was roaming in the local library, I found the library would have a class named something like “Chess for Beginners”. So I brought Abe to the class; several kids showed up, along with their parents. The class was very basic, covering how to set the board and how to […]

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My son’s first chess book and the chess book he spent most time on so far

I bought my son the first chess book “Learn Chess Tactics” by John Nunn last Christmas, he like it very much. Then I bought him a second book by John Nunn “Understanding Chess Move by Move“. Now he seldom read the first book, but he kept reading the latter one every now and then even […]

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