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Is “Doing Less” the most wanted from middle school children for parents?

Abe is in junior high. He has quite a routine schedule and he is quite occupied. He is spending more time on his homework, has many meetings and practices on Science Olympiad. About Science Olympiad, he is doing three projects this year, two last year on the JV team. I helped him quite a bit on […]

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Michael Jordan and his high school coach

Recently, I read a moving article from Sports Illustrated about Michael Jordan’s  high school coach (“Did This Man Really Cut Michael Jordan?“), coach Herring. It’s he who placed Michael on the Junior Varsity team when Michael’s a sophomore and  too short to make the Varsity team.  But Michael made the Varsity team the following year […]

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A Chess Dad’s view on keeping chess teenagers to chess

I have heard or seen many teenagers who quit chess when they are in middle or high schools.  These promising young chess players stop their chess improvements at early ages, which are usually best time for people to achieve their full talents in chess. On the other hand, in middle or high schools, there are […]

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Not supposed to be

We just came back from a long (supposed to be) vacation. In fact, the vacation felt so short, I would say it last no longer than a chess game. Abe, I felt, was curious to everything on the trip, the farmers’ market was definitely different there: The land was poor, so were the people, but […]

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Like stars on earth — every child is special

Abe did fine in last weekend’s chess tournament: 2010 Illinois All Grade Championship, he won four games against four lower rated players, lost one game to a higher rated player. In the game he lost, a delicate endgame was reached and both players played well and determined, as some observers told me. The game was […]

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“You could play better when you slow down.”

Abe said sorry after I expressed deep frustration at the Illinois Open. He said he would slow down in the next tournament. The next tournament would be about a week away. It’s a strong round robin event. I would like to see if he can keep his promise. I was asked by the organizer the […]

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“You made me angry!”

I was very frustrated with Abe’s recent performance in chess tournaments.  He likes to blitz in his games regardless of the time control. I keep reminding him to slow down.  He might realize his problem as shown in this post, but still, he will return to his bad habit very often. He did so poor […]

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A chess camp and a tournament

Last week, Abe attended a chess camp, the same camp he attended last month. There were quite a few grandmasters as instructors at the camp. The lectures in terms of depth and quality must be excellent since Abe told me they were all very good. The biggest benefit the chess camp brought to Abe, I […]

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Roger Federer and his parents

I read Anxiety On The Grass from New Yorker (issue of June 28, 2010). The article talked about Roger Federer: Unlike Agassi and countless other tennis prodigies, Federer never had to deal with pressure from an ambitious parent…His Swiss-born father… and his mother, who is South African, …played recreational tennis at the firm’s small club […]

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Chess camp, vacation and others (2 of 2)

We arrived at our hotel a little bit after noon. Mommy left to her conference right away. In fact, during each day, Abe, his little brother David and I would stay in the hotel most of the time: spending hours playing in the pools and hours watching the World Cup on the TV. As usual, […]

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A story remembered

After reading this article (The Leap) from New York Magazine, I felt very very sad. I remember a similar case happened to one of my classmates when I was in the graduate school. After the first exam, at which I did poorly, so were most in the class—many failed, as told by the professor the […]

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A first review of “Chess Child” by Gary Robson

About months ago, I pre-ordered the book: Chess Child: The story of Ray Robson, America’s Youngest Grandmaster. I received it two days ago, finished reading it yesterday. It has been long long time since I finish reading a book in one day, not even the book Searching for Bobby Fisher. What a great father-son story. […]

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The talent myth and the science of success

Yesterday evening, driving Abe home from his soccer practice, I heard something interesting from an interview on NPR: Some one said that no chess players had reached grandmaster quicker than 10 years.  I had an immediate doubt whether it’s a fact.  I knew some recent chess prodigies got the GM titles when they were younger […]

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A funny book and a funny video I recommended to Abe

The book is My life and Hard Times by James Thurber. Although it is an old book, it includes many short, sweet and funny stories; it’s the best written book I have read so far. I have no reservation to recommend it to kids and the parents to read. Check you local library, and I am […]

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Who or Whom

Last night, on the way home from shopping at Walgreens, we listened to a show from the audio CD: English Majors by Garrison Keillor, the show was about an English major working at a fast food restaurant and correcting customers’ misuse of who or whom. The show was very funny. Abe and I both laughed […]

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If you feel frustrated with your kids

From time to time, you may feel frustrated with your kids. For example, they keep playing video games on the computer although you yelled several times ” It is dinner time. Go wash your hands.” The kids don’t listen to you, or listen but wouldn’t do what you asked. Be calm,  it is normal,  and […]

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The myth of the gifted child: how high the IQ score should be

I recently read a very interesting article named The Junior Meritocracy in New York magazine (Feb 8, 2010). The article explained why the kindergarten admission tests required by many New York schools could be worthless. It also discussed IQ scores and proposed a better alternative screening method for future success. Some interesting points and associated […]

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Parenting and the digital age

Thanks to the digital technology such as internet, David can watch many kids songs on YouTube for free; Every day, after school, Abe can’t wait to do three things on internet: checking latest chess news, following latest NBA news, and playing video games. Since the two brothers are not teenagers yet, I haven’t worried much […]

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A Second Time and a Third Time: Part 1

Abe did it again within the same weekend, unfortunately, it’s the bad thing I warned him against many times; He did another thing the third time since he started playing chess, hopefully, it could be a good thing. Part 1 is about the bad thing; part 2 is about the good thing. This past weekend, […]

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Do foreign language skills really help people to be smart?

Whenever we visit the local library, David, my younger son always loves to do the check-out using the auto-check-out machine. Since he is a toddler and not tall enough to reach the scan platform, he has to step on his toes and try hard, if his brother helps him, David will scream, he wants to […]

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