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Summer is almost gone

David at the school’s Music show before the summer vacation. Comparing when he attended his brother’s show almost four and a half years ago (video: ), you can feel kids grow fast if not our parents get old fast. David also played soccer from the park district, it’s his first year. David took many swimming lessons this […]

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2 3 4…

We were hectic; we had a full schedule for the July 4th weekend. On Saturday morning, we went shopping and prepared for the next day’s BBQ. In the afternoon, we watched some World Cup on TV. Then Abe, I and some of our friends drove to Ravinia Festival watching (listening to) a show: A Prairie Home […]

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D is for David

Every time Abe and I go to pick up David from his daycare center, David is always very happy, and busy with something, either running in the gym, solving a puzzle or reading a book with one of his teachers. Once seeing me, he will run toward me and calling along the way “D-a-d-d-y!” Sometimes, […]

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At Abe’s Concert

Last week, Abe had a concert at his school. His little brother, mom and I went there and watched the show. It was very impressive. The parents and siblings gave a lot of applause. Every one was having a good time. I made a video on him and his little brother. The video lasts about […]

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